Pencil Edge.JPG

Pencil Edge

The Pencil Edge is a popular option and gives a clear defined edge

to the Veil.

Cut Edge 3.JPG

Cut Edge

The Cut Edge option gives a smooth finish that blends in seemlessly with the gown. 

Stitched Edge.JPG

Stitched Edge

The stitched edge gives a neat straight line close t the cut edge of the Veil.

Wavy Edge.JPG

Rolled Hem/Wavy

The Wavy / Rolled Hem edge is available on Veils that have

the Pencil Edge.

001 Holly.JPG

Centre Gather

The centre gathered veil, is the most popular option.


It is gathered in the centre of the veil only, leaving the Tulle to drop down onto the Brides shoulders, giving a more soft and floaty look.

S31 Sophie.JPG

Fully Gathered

The fully gathered veil is ideal if you want to give a puffier effect on the comb of the veil. 

It falls down the back of the bride with a continual edge that can fall over the shoulders and continue dopwn onto the gown.

Veil Comb.JPG

Veil Combs

Our Veil combs are bound in Veiling Tulle for comfort and

added grip.

* * *