Frequently asked questions

How long for delivery ?

Standard Delivery (free of charge) is 3 Weeks.

Expres Delivery is 7 Days (£ 15 Additional cost).

What colour Veil do I need to order ?

Visit our Veil Colour Options page to see the choice available.

You can always request a swatch (free of charge) to confirm your colour choice before you order.

Not sure what Veil to order ?

You can always use the chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to ask us a question, or just send us an Enquiry and we will respond asap.

What is the tradition behind a Wedding Veil ?

Superstition has it that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride prior to the wedding. A veil hiding her face also ensured that the groom would not see his soon-to-be-betrothed up until the ceremony. Eventually the meaning behind the veil transformed as weddings evolved into religious ceremonies.